So 21.05.2022
Galerie Josefa Jambora

Součástí programu Tišnovské muzejní noci je koncert ambientní hudby finského skladatele Sima Hakalista (Shakali) v prostoru galerie, jímž doprovodí výstavu fotografií Jiné světy Tomáše Chadima.
Shakali is a solo project of the Finnish musician and producer Simo Hakalisto, based in Brno and active also in AVA collective and ambient duo Thistle. In his inward-facing solo live-sets Shakali creates symbiotically synthetic and organic landscapes with echoes of psychedelic electronics, minimalism and (digital) folklore. Shakali’s debut album Petojen tavat (2021) was released by Finnish label Ikuisuus and his sophomore album Aurinkopari was recently released on tape and digital by Good Morning Tapes in April 2022.

"On ‘Aurinkopari’ Simo nimbly deploys a mix of massaged sine waves, hydroponic recordings, and a Javanese gendèr (a type of metallophone used in gamelan ceremonies) at the service of a mesmerising, naturally fractal-not-fractional conception of experimental ambient practice." Boomkat review